8040DT Machine
GeoprobeŽ Model 8040DT

The 8040DT

Muscle. Versatility. Speed. Results.

The Geoprobe® Model 8040DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a durable undercarriage, hollow stem auger capabilities, and a wide-base platform.

With the GH80 Hammer, this machine is capable of driving 2.25 in, 3.5 in. and 4.5 in tooling in areas that were previously unthinkable.

You just gotta see the 8040DT in action!

Multiple Applications

The Geoprobe® 8040DT arrives with exciting new possibilities, increased power, more versatility, and the push you need to stay ahead of the game!

As with all direct push machines, the hammer is critical to how well the machine performs in the field. The GH80 Hammer on the 8040DT is capable of driving 2.25 in. and 3.5 in. tooling to greater depths in tougher formations.

Designed into the 8040DT is a long list of features. The machine incorporates a two-speed hydraulic top head for classic auger/drilling methods for lithologies not conducive to direct push techniques.

8040DT Specs

Weight (standard machine) 17,500 lb. 7,938 kg
Width 80 in. 2,032 mm
Length (folded) 176 in. 4,470 mm
Length (unfolded) 190 in. 4,826 mm
Height (folded)  99 in. 2,515 mm
Height (unfolded - winch mast down) 153 in. 3,886 mm
Height (unfolded - winch mast up) 232 in. 5,893 mm
Extension (fore and aft) 15 in. 381 mm
Lateral Swing . ±8 degrees  
Oscillation ±10 degrees  
Vertical Travel (CB8 Combo Head) 84 in. 2,134 mm
Side Shift Travel (CB8 Combo Head) 26 in. 660 mm
Head Feed Speed (down) 32 ft/min 10 m/min
Head Feed Speed (up – no Regen) 26 ft/min 8 m/min
Head Feed Speed (up – Regen) 63 ft/min 19 m/min
Down Force 59,000 lb. 262 kN
Retraction Force 80,000 lb. 356 kN
Percussion Hammer System GH80  
Percussion Hammer Rate 32 Hz  
Torque (high torque/low speed) 6,000 ft-lb. 8,135 N·m
Torque (low torque/high speed) 3,000 ft-lb. 4,067 N·m
Rotation speed (low speed/high torque) 0 - 100 rpm  
Rotation speed (high speed/low torque) 0 - 200 rpm  
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 40 gal 151 L
Engine (diesel) CAT®, 4-cylinder turbocharged
Engine Power 120 hp 90 kW
Surface Load Pressure (standard machine) 6.8 psi 47 kPa
Hydraulic Oil Reservoir 55 gal 208 L
Hydraulic Flow (max) 100 gpm 379 Lpm
Hydraulic System Pressure (max) 4,000 psi 276 bar
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlets Flow 0 - 12 gpm 0 - 45 Lpm
Auxiliary Hydraulic Outlet Pressure 3,000 psi 207 bar
Winch Pull Back 2,500 lb 1,134 kg
Winch Line Speed 0 - 140 fpm 0 - 43 mpm
Winch Mast Stroke 63 in. 1,600 mm
Ground Speed 3.0 mph 4.8 kph

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.