54LT Direct Push Machine
 GeoprobeŽ Model 54LT

The 54LT Direct Push Machine

The Geoprobe® Model 54LT direct push machine is a rugged, compact probing unit designed for tight spaces and rough terrain.  This unit is narrow enough to fit through standard 36-in. doors to get to confined, enclosed places a vehicle-mounted unit can't get to.

Probe Features

  • Hydraulic lateral swing for easy offset placement of probe
  • Rod Grip Pull Block ... standard equipment
  • Two speed pull cylinder standard equipment
  • Wire remote for ease of manoeuvrability
  • Geoprobe® limited access
  • Optional Telescopic Cylinder (8ft clearance running 48 in. tooling)
  • Auxillary hydraulic ports provide power supply for remote equipment
  • Emergency stop systems for safety of operation
  • Rear stabliliser

SPECIAL FEATURE: ASTM and International Standards require that CPT tools be pushed at a rate of 2 cm/second with very little variance allowed.  The Model 54LT machine features a Probe Cylinder Speed Control Valve which makes it easy to push at this consistent speed even without a steady hand.  Not only will this increase the accuracy of your test while probing, it allows you to pay more attention to your real-time CPT log as you go.

54LT Specifications

Stroke 54 in. 1,372 mm
Weight 2,500 lbs. 1135 Kg
Width 34.5 in. 876 mm
Length (folded) 87 in. 2210 mm
Height (folded) 64 in. 1626 mm
Height (unfolded) 123 in. 3124 mm
Lateral Movement (side-to-side) 9 in. 229 mm
Foot Travel 14 in. 356 mm
Probe Cylinder Diameter 4 in. 102 mm
Down Force 20,000 lbs. 80 kN
Retraction Force 27,000 lbs. 111 kN
Hydraulic Pressure (max) 2,200 psi 152 bar
Hydraulic Flow Rate (system) 10 gpm 38 Lpm
Hammer System GH42 GH42
Percussion Rate 30 Hz 30 Hz
Torque (hammer motor) 620 ft. lbs. 841 Nm
Rotation Rate (bi-directional) 80 rpm 80 rpm
Fuel Capacity (diesel) 8 gal. 30 L
Engine (diesel) Kubota, 3 cylinder
Engine Power 22 Hp 16 Kw
Cooling System Liquid Liquid
Outrigger Extension 12 in. 305 mm

*Unit specifications are subject to change without notice.